SOS Hydration founders Tom Mayo, Blanca Mayo and James Mayo

The Founders

Meet Brothers James (British Champ and retired military officer) & Tom Mayo (a sub 4 minute miler), both international middle distance athletes and James' wife Blanca Lizaola-Mayo, MD, a Medical Doctor (Gastroenterology and Transplant Hepatology Fellow)

The perfect mix

Using their unique and complementary backgrounds Blanca, James and Tom launched SOS back in 2013 a product they knew there was a need for in both the sports and medical world. What they subsequently found is not only is SOS excellent for athletes and those dehydrated due to sickness, it's also great for active lifestyles and the odd post-celebration-next-day-recovery (yes, the founders were willing to test that one out).

SOS Hydration watermelon flavour

SOS NZ - Let's Talk Hydration

SOS is represented in NZ by Kate and Tom Mayo. We are so happy to share this amazing product with our fellow kiwis.

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